What I want to do

  • add Linux0.Execute(cmd: ARRAY of CHAR) to execute Linux commands done 2016-04-15 by adding Linux0.Fork0 and Linux0.Execve0
  • proof that it is possible to port the whole system to different targets using exactly the same source
  • eternal ToDo: add Copy & Paste on X11; this is more difficult than expected using X11 protocol primitives done 2016-04-13 works in lubuntu but not in kubuntu
  • show variables in trap viewer on ARMv7, MIPS and RISC-V
  • implement network stack
  • I am currently writing a 32bit X64 target.
  • make ROP2 64Bit. I currently plan to make SHORTINT 16 bit, INTEGER 32 bit and LONGINT 32/64 bit. SET and POINTER size would be kept 32 bit.

Possible but currently no interest

  • detect stack overflow by using sigaltstack

New Targets

Possible Projects

  • run OLR on Black Swift or VoCore like computers
  • optimise OLR to use it as default editor on Linux
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